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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Boli 5 Litre water tank.

 For the last couple of years i have been using a Platypus 3 Litre water tank on backpacking trips.
I have found it a very useful piece of kit. That’s down to the fact that for an overnight camp i only have to fill it the once. A bonus once your settled in the tent.
The 3L has for some reason been deleted from the Platypus range which now only comprises the 2L and 4L in the tank models. Why Platypus have decided to ditch the 3L is beyond me as i have found it perfect.

Platypus tanks.
  • The 2L weighs 66 grams and costs around £21
  • The 4L weighs 103 grams and costs around £26
You have to be prepared to take some stick with the Platy version as it looks like a ladies handbag. (See image below), but who cares.
Then i came across the Boli 5 Litre collapsable water tank and although i am not in the market for a replacement tank right now, i thought i would share it with readers who may be, as the spec. and weight of the tank is excellent for such a capacity and the price is outstanding.

Boli 5 Litre water tank.
  • Boli 5L water tank weighs just 69 grams and costs £6.99. 
That’s quite a saving on both weight and on the wallet.
 You may think that 5 Litres is too big, but in reality you only have to fill it with enough for your requirements and the tank rolls away and weighs so little when stored in the rucksack.
In comparison it weighs the same as the Platypus 2 Litre.

I think its great value for money and a viable alternative to the more expensive offerings. Ideal too for  D of E groups.

Available from Amazon here.


Nielsen Brown said...

I normally use a Nalgene 3 litre canteen, a bit heavier at 88 grams, but is easy to fill. I have noticed the cheaper platypus like bottles appearing in the local supermarkets but not one this large, I will look around. Thanks

AlanR said...

Pleased to help. What about Amazon?

Dawn said...

Usually I use a Platypus two litre and a one litre. For a fixed camp I may revert to an Ortlieb 4 litre. The Boli looks an interesting alternative though, much cheaper too.

AlanR said...

Its only cheap if you need one Dawn. Its worth keeping in mind all the same.

afootinthehills said...

Worth knowing about Alan because I'll be in the market for something along those lines in the not too distant future. Thanks.

AlanR said...

You usually come across things “cheaper” just after you have bought an expensive one. I will keep this in mind myself. Glad to help.

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