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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bothy Life. BBC2 Scotland.

Watched the programme with great interest but was a little disappointed. Having used numerous bothies in my years and had very very few “Close encounters” and i must first say what a great job the MBA do and so may it continue.

I was disappointed that the line “I went there to get drunk and chase women" was kept in the programme. This was not needed and i found it off putting. So what do women feel who walk the beautiful bothy country alone feel about that. They should feel safe using bothies, not how many drunks am i going to find inside.

Maybe its just me.


Dawn said...

A great pity that Alan. Mind, a few, and they are very much a minority, have been used/ abused, to that purpose. The majority of bothies and indeed most bothy users, have been welcoming though.

AlanR said...

Very true Dawn. It's a shame that the producers kept that throw away comment in the programme. Otherwise a very good watch.

afootinthehills said...

Unfortunately,these sorts of programmes often do more harm than good in my view - akin to those who write articles about the quiet places they love to visit. Expect an increase in just the sort of people we'd all rather not meet in bothies, or elswhere for that matter and more estates closing them. Shame.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson. I think you are right. I was really enjoying the programme until that comment and then my mind wandered into all the “What If” scenario’s. Considering that more solo females are getting into the remote areas i can only hope that Gents will be just that and not make them feel afraid to step in. Sheila has said it has put her off even more than she was already. Shame.

Anonymous said...

hello / can someone tell me the name of the tune that was played on the chanter and what was the make of the chanter / my email address is William / thank you

AlanR said...

Great question William. I’m afraid i cannot help you but maybe someone reading this can. You could email BBC2 Scotland.

John J said...

I had a quick listen again but didn't pick up on anything played on a chanter, only fiddle stuff. If you find the tune I suggest you record it and play it back into 'TunePal' (Google it), that should identify it.

AlanR said...

Hi JJ. The Chanter plays just after the introduction, about 1 minute into the programme. Cheers Alan.
All the best for Christmas and 2016 and its about time we read your 2015 challenge diary eh!.

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