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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Huddersfield yet again.

This weekends trip to Huddersfield was not of my making. Instead it was a birthday weekend of a mate of ours. He doesn’t live in Huddersfield, but in Manchester. He decided that it would be a better pub crawl in Huddersfield. Better in the way of less crowded, cheaper beers, no Christmas markets, less hassle and a bit of a change.

We are now getting quite good at finding our way around Huddersfield and i think we all had a good night despite the heavy and prolonged rainfall. It was waterproofs to everywhere.

Our friends had to get back home on Saturday which left Sheila and i with an empty day and night, so we made the most of it and found a few more pubs to add to the list.
Saturday evening we visited an excellent curry house called The Chilli Lounge and apart from an annoyingly squeaky table, the wine, food and service was 1st class. It gets busy mind and it was pretty full by the time we left at 7.30pm.

We also wanted to find a curry house open at lunchtimes so that we could organise a “Curry Walk” at some point in the future, but we didn’t find one. They all seem to open at around 5.30pm.

We did find a pub that sold good value for money food and cask beers, so this one just might get on the list. The County. Otherwise we will have to hope that The Head of Steam has a curry on the menu on the day.

At this point you may be forgiven if you thought this post is just about beer but you would be quite wrong. We did do a nice tour of some wonderful buildings and the photo set attached here shows just how nice Huddersfield is. Our walkabout took just under 5 hours and included a visit to the covered market which was full of stalls selling collectables and just about everything else and of course coffee and cake.
The first nine images below are inside the Town Hall-Concert Hall. We had hopes of entering the concert hall but because a rehearsal in progress we were not allowed. However the rest of the building was still worth a visit. The receptionist was very helpful and he was quite apologetic that we couldn’t get to see the whole building at this time.

The following images are random shots of Huddersfields architecture.
 Huddersfield Town Hall and concert Hall was built between 1875 and 1881 and designed by John H Abbey. All the stone is local and the carvings made by Thomas Stocks.

 The concert hall. (Which we couldn’t go into) Courtesy of Huddersfield.Gov
The Concert Hall Organ. Again courtesy of Huddersfield. Gov
 The Court of Requests. Built 1825 Now used as The Old Court Brewhouse and Pub. We didn’t have time to visit inside so we will just have to go back soon.

 The Lawrence Batley Theatre. Originally built as a Methodist Chapel in 1819 becoming a Mission in 1906 until 1970 when lack of numbers meant a change of use.
 Queenies Coffee shop.

 Huddersfield Parish Church of St, Peters. Built 1834 -1836. There has been a church on this site since the 11th century.

The Ramsden Building. Part of the University and was the Technical School and Mechanic Institution.

 Leaving Huddersfield and still raining.
It’s that fine rain that wets you through.


Sir Hugh said...

Interesting post. The weather has hardly been conducive to outdoors stuff, but there's a;aways something to do instead as my last post indicates.That last photo is quite atmospheric.

AlanR said...

Thanks Conrad. The weather has been dire but that’s why we buy good waterproofs. Not great camping weather admittedly and boots get rather heavily laden. Mine are still not dry yet. Looking at your last posting you certainly have some patience.

Dawn said...

What lovely seams of cultural history you unearth Alan!
Fascinating stuff and your usual high quality photos too.

AlanR said...

I appreciate that Dawn Thanks.

John J said...

Cleckhuddersfax has some fascinating architecture, you've taken some excellent photographs. Now then, about this Curry Walk.....?

AlanR said...

Was thinking of train to Marsden and walk into Huddersfield but like i mention, a curry is not easy to find at lunch time although the Head of Steam does have one on the menu.
When do you fancy going? Email me.

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