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Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Fergy day

Out for a short walk in Crosby Garrett we came across this beautiful MF FE35 in lovely daily working condition and well looked after by the owner. Built in 1960 in Coventry. Fitted with ROPS frame.


Al said...

Enjoying the wonderful weather by the looks Alan!

AlanR said...

Hi Alistair, we haven’t done much today. We have had a bit of a rough time with Sheila’s mam so we needed to just take time out. We will get out tomorrow hopefully. Weather wise it’s stunning.

Dawn said...

She looks lovely Alan!

Sir Hugh said...

A blogger's gift.

AlanR said...

She’s coming home with me. 🤣

AlanR said...

Certainly is. 🤣

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