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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Llandona, a circular walk with fine views.

This fine circular walk starts at the car park on Llandona beach. The grid reference is SH 56618063. 

From the car park cross the road and onto the beach, turn right, hopefully the tide will be out and you can walk down the beach rather than down the uncomfortable pebbles. 

At the end of the beach there is a wooden footbridge over a stream. Again, it may not be necessary to use it depending on water conditions. This stream used to have a fish weir, but we didn't find it. It went out of use years ago.

Llandona church is only a short distance from here and is worth a visit if you have the time. 

Across the stream and high up on the banking you will see a gate. This is private property. There is a second gate a little further along with wooden steps up to it and sporting a footpath badge.

Through the gate, turn left and follow the edge of the field and through a second field. Once into the third field walk 45 degree right, you can head for the telegraph pole between two houses, into the top corner where there is another gate and steps.

Keep heading right and up the lane. Don't be tempted to keep seaward and go left. The lane goes uphill and at a sharp corner you come to a signpost for the coast path. Here there is a diversion in place even though there is no notice on the post.
The usual route is to keep walking the lane and turn left as you approach a stone house called Pentrellwyn. However, just beyond the cottages there has been a land slip and barriers have been erected.
So follow the coast sign at the corner and the path diversion rejoins the route beyond the landslip.

If you use this blog to walk this route then I will not know when the landslip has been repaired. 
I will rely on folk updating me. Thanks.

A gate gives access to National Trust Property, Bryn Offa. Continue along the track and a steel shed will come into view. On the right is a field with a double steel gate. There is no signage here but go through the gate and turn right, back in the direction you came. Follow the hedgerow and take care as its overgrown with bramble and gorse. Not a path to be caught wearing shorts.

The "path" contours the west side of Bwrdd Arthur, or Arthur's Table. This is 164 metres high and there is evidence of prehistoric times and pre -Roman. When the path terminates at the road, look for the path which runs parallel with the road on the left and then heads uphill to reach the summit with its Trig Point and OS benchmark S7298. Hopefully the weather gives good views as it did for us.

Re-trace your steps back to the road corner. Take the road south, slightly uphill and then after 100 metres take the road right with the mast on your left marked Lon Goch on OS map. Head down the road with fantastic views in front showing you just how much height you gained from the car park.

At a large white stone on the right side marked Castell, carry straight on, on an old green lane. After a few hundred metres the track turns sharp left, at this point keep straight ahead down a narrower path which leads to a stone stairway and a metalled lane.

Turn left here with high hedges on both sides. At Hafod Wen the lane turns into a very wet and muddy path which in many places resembles a stream. Keep on this lane until you are faced by a fence with a small stile. Don't cross the fence but turn right on a good gravel track which leads to a farm Pen Rallt. At the farm follow the path round to the right, ignoring the Chelsea FC banner.
Go through the gate and join the road. Turn right, down hill passed Hafod-y-Rhug. and then at the footpath sign on the left turn down the lane.

It is a good track and when you see an old derelict building in front of you, look for a gate on the left. Go through the gate and once on the other side there are two paths. One on the level and the other, the left hand one goes uphill to some steps. Take the left hand one and follow it until it exits on a road.
Turn right here and follow the road downhill to the beach car park where you started.

Route is written in a clockwise direction from the car park P.
Distance 7.4km and 2hrs 20 mins with stops for photos.


Sir Hugh said...

I tried to identify in general where you were from your map - A sort of mini challenge, but gave in and used the grid ref. I have only had a couple of quick excursions to Anglesey and those not for walking so it is unfamiliar territory for me, but all I have read praises the coastal walk.

I wish you both a happy and better New Year. 

AlanR said...

Thanks Conrad. Happy New Year to you. I did think about extending the map view but I thought that the grid ref would suffice. The coast path is very nice and needs to be done Conrad. It’s obvious really but you do have to check tide tables in certain areas. Otherwise it’s a detour inland. I would recommend it though.

Al said...

Hi Alan
Happy New Year to you both.
That sounds a good trip. lots of interest. I remember we parked down on the beach and walked to the West.
Thanks for posting.

AlanR said...

Hi Alistair, Happy New Year, Its a long beach going west.

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