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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New A-Z Adventure Map titles

 The guys at A-Z maps have been busy again recently and have now released some new titles in the handy and lightweight booklet form. 
I previously posted about the Adventure series earlier here.

      The new titles are:-
The above titles are clickable.

Whilst these 7 maps are new and being promoted, Geographer’s  A-Z are offering a £2.50 discount  from the usual price of £7.95 by using the code GETWALKING which is entered in the relevant box on the order page of the website.

The discount will run until the end of August. Enjoy.


-maria- said...

My first (and I guess only?) A-Z map a map of London. Interesting to know they also produce outdoor maps.

Do you think the scale 1:25 000 is appropriate when backpacking in the UK? Our outdoor maps are generally 1:50 000 but in some wilderness areas 1:100 000 (which is good for planning but not for walking with IMO). Some popular areas even have 1:20 000 or 1:25 000 maps.

Greetings from the beautiful Lapland!

AlanR said...

Hi Maria, A-Z have basically changed the std OS maps into booklet format and also added some information which is very helpful in the map area.
I think 1:25,000 is a good scale to walk with. There is plenty of detail and accuracy. Our 1:50,000 are good planning maps for walks and used by some as walking maps especially in more wilderness areas. There are also 1:40,000 maps for specific areas and mountain ranges. Ben Nevis for an example. These are very detailed geographically and beautifully prepared and made by Harvey Maps.

Phreerunner said...

I have these A-Z maps for the Lakes and Peaks and find them very good. I prefer them to the Harvey maps, but that's just personal preference. You do need to invest in an Ortlieb A6 mapcase though, or the thin paper soon gets trashed.
I'll be getting some of these when back home. Thanks Alan.

AlanR said...

I only have one Harvey map of the Lakes and i never take it with me. I have tried to convince myself that it is better than the OS but its just not true IMO. Although the 1:40,000 Harveys are excellent. I have an Ortlieb std map case so that does the job. The maps are a handy size to photocopy so that you protect the original but i agree i would prefer a paper with more substance to it considering the environment they are used in. (On an aside we are not doing well in the cricket today.)

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