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Friday, February 27, 2015

Unusual visitor

I noticed what i thought were a pair of sparrows sun bathing in the tree at the bottom of the garden, but looking at them through the binoculars realised they were Reed Buntings.
I have never seen them before in the garden and was even more surprised that they stayed long enough for me to dash round looking for my camera.
Here are a few shots i managed to get before they flew off.

I have checked everyday since but they havn’t returned.


Sir Hugh said...

Very smart.

AlanR said...


Dawn said...

Wow, brilliant. Time to top up the bird feeders Alan!

Anonymous said...

Are you close to water Alan? The only place we ever seem to see them is alongside one particular stretch of canal, which borders on arable land. For some reason they seem to like to sit in the previous year's dead vegetation, rather than any new growth.

AlanR said...

Will do.

AlanR said...

Hi Dave. We are 100yds off the Rochdale canal and also right on arable land. We get many species but this is the first time we have seen these.

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