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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Todays Visitors.

I wasn’t paying much attention to our hedgerows today but a flash of red bouncing amongst the branches changed all that.
The day itself is dull and showery and not great for photography but its surprising what can appear. I watched for about 20 minutes before they flew off.
At times like this i wished i had a good telephoto SLR.
 The brightly coloured male Bullfinch. Always a pleasure to see.
The male Bullfinch along with the Reed Bunting.
The Female Bullfinch.


Dawn said...

New camera Alan? Lovely photos

AlanR said...

I don't think so Dawn. I wouldn't take a full size DSLR with lenses hiking. So it would be a waste of money. There are always compromises with camera gear. Thanks. I wonder what may show up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

They're lovely birds, aren't they, bullfinches?

I agree about the DSLR, Alan; especially a full-sized one. I tried carrying one, with two lenses, for a time - one lens for scenery, another for wildlife. The weight was just prohibitive on a long day, and I invariably had the wrong lens mounted for whatever it was I wanted to photograph next. If I'm just walking to a hide for a couple of hours and sitting with a flask and sandwiches, then I'll take the DSLR.

AlanR said...

They sure are Dave. I watched them pick the new leaf buds off the branches for a little while. Cameras. I just cannot justify getting another camera. I wish I could but most times I take my camera out and I want it to be as light as is reasonably possible. In the outdoors my compact does a decent job but not good enough for bird shots. The video is superb though.

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