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Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Weekend

Back now from our survival birthday weekend.
After a very bleak start driving over Corney fell in a complete blizzard the weekend weather decided not to follow the dire forecast predicted. Saturday was supposed to be poor visibility, it was as bright as a button with fabulous views.
Anybody who ventured up onto the tops on saturday would have had a great time.
We decided to stay low level due to the hangovers and then go for a late lunch. We picked a walk along the river in Eskdale and then up to Stanley Force waterfall.
We tried to get over the stepping stones on the way back to the bar at Boot house, but i am afraid we were just too wobbly.
Thankfully i managed to hold the camera steady for a few scenic photo's during the weekend.


Alan Sloman said...

There are some gorgeous views there, Alan. Are they the Sca Fells in Picture Number Two?

AlanR said...

Thanks for comments. The day was a wonderful for photo's.

Phreerunner said...

Nice photos, Alan, but are you using Windows Live Writer? If not, you will find it makes posting to your blog a whole lot easier!

AlanR said...

I use a mac so i don't keep up with windows. I am sure that their is much more i should or could be doing. Now that i do know about WLW i shall take a look. Any suggestions gratefully accepted at any time. Thanks.

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