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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Aberfeldy to Pitlochry

We were up bright and early and set off for a bacon butty and a cup of coffee in the little cafe just 100yds from the camp site. Between 7am till 9am this only costs £1.50.!!
Then up the road we went. Passed the Dewer's distillary, no we didn't call in, but we stopped to take some photo's.

The RR way shows the track following the B road on the north side of the river, however there is a good path on the south side of the river which goes all the way to Grandtully and is off road. A much better option.
Just as we got onto the disused railway track, a deer shot out from the undergrowth. It was no more than 6ft away and scarred us both to death. It was so quick.
When the track meets the road at a small turning circle, there is a track which goes to the left, down hill, take this route rather than staying on the rail track as it leads down to the river and is far more scenic.

At Grandtully we stopped for coffee.

Once over the bridge the way takes a right turn following the B road again. If you need any supplies there is a small store just a hundred yards further on in Strathtay which has everything.

The track then leads to the Tulliepowrie burn and heads off uphill into the forestry. Take a last look back at the lovely Tay valley.
I'm not a lover of forestry so i was glad when we started the descent towards Pitlochry, and just as you come out of the trees there is a splendid view across the River Tummel.
Across the suspension bridge and we were in Pitlochry proper and the end of the RR way. It was still early and the place was packed with trippers.
We headed for the campsite only to find out that it was full. So we decided that we would get the train to Stirling and then head off via Callender to Aberfoyle on the bus.

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