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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picasa error


Request-URI Too Large

The requested URL /gadgets/ifr... is too large to process.

This is the error message that i keep on getting in my Picasa box, although the problem is strangely intermittent. You would think that if a URL was too big it would be too big all the time.
Looking at the start of the URL which says /gadget the problem may lie elsewhere but like i say it's in my Picasa box.
I have checked my gallery headings and all would seem to be ok. So i don't know what URL it finds a problem with.

I find it annoying.
Brian, i am not changing over from Picasa due to the error message. I am changing simply because i bought a year subscription with SmugMug.
The error message just pushed me a little faster to change.
 I have no issues with Picasa and would use the service again.
Thanks for your quick response.


Unknown said...

I've seen this error message reported in our help forum at and it was caused by a problem with our cookie file. You may need to either allow cookies for Picasa, or just clear your cookies. You can find steps to clear your cookies at

AlanR said...

Appreciate your help. Thank you i will endeavour to resolve it.

AlanR said...

Hope i am not speaking too soon but that info seems to have resolved it.
I hadn't found that help file before so thank you for pointing me in that direction. I'm sure that i will use it again...Alan

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