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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Loch Tummel

Having now got the car we decided to have a drive down Loch Tummel and onto Rannoch. Having done the touristy bit with a photo of the Queens View we headed off west. We were looking for somewhere to stay and as we passed the Loch Tummel Inn we asked for and got a room for the night.
I remembered seeing this on Martin's Banfields fine blog. (Postcard from Timperly).
It is a great place to stay and we do recommend it, the food is fantastic as is the good conversation with Tom and Amanda, the proprietors.

Martin, they only had good words to say of you!


Phreerunner said...

What? They remembered me? Well, I suppose I did arrive early and attempt to test as much stuff from the menu as I could during the course of the day. Superb breakfast as well.

The Odyssee said...

Martin they remembered you very well. They even told me the route you took the next day. The food is excellent and the beer is well kept also. It's a great place to stay and i can only say thanks for putting it on your blog.
But! The shaving light didn't work!

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