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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Crinkles and Pike o'Blisco.

On the way back from Scotland we took a sidestep right and went to Langdale NT campsite. Normally this place would be way off our radar as we just can't be doing with the crowds and tent encroachment. But as it was midweek and not school hols we thought it would be ok.
                                  Bowfell from the Crinkles.

Checking in has changed somewhat and for me i think it is a joke. They are spending money on the wrong things and making customers pay for the unnecessary.
 I don't want to open a slanging match here so i had better keep my opinions to myself hadn't i.

On pitching the tent we pitched next to Robin, AKA blogpackinglight . We had never met before but something kept telling me that i knew him from somewhere.
After a quick question ie, "do you have a blog site" we introduced each other.

A very pleasant 20-30 mins followed of gear chat. Robin was off to Eskdale and we were off to do the Crinkles and Pike o'Blisco. After farewells we were all away.

We bumped into each other again towards the top of the Band but from there our routes took different directions.

Sheila had never done the Crinkles before so she wasn't sure how bad the "Bad Step" was going to be. In the end it was easy for her although she has a little scratch on the knee that she doesn't want to heal up. It's proof you see.

                     Walkers check out the "Bad Step" on the 2nd or 4th Crinkle depending on which direction you do the walk in..

It's all down hill from the Crinkles to Red Tarn and the masses were on there way up from Three Shires.
The ascent up Pike o'Blisco from Red Tarn is very pleasant and it doesn't take long to get to the top.
It's a great top for views all round.
Pike o'Blisco

Sheila and I stood at the cairn on Pike o'Blisco. 
I may be wrong but i am sure this cairn used to be a lot higher than this. 

We chose the east route off the top. For me this is the best way off but now the NT path team have been here and done what they excel at! The path joins the road just before Wall End farm.

It had been a grand day. The weather was just right although it was probably too hot for backpacking. We retreated to the Old DG for a beer. Well you have to don't you.

The days photographs can be found here.


Martin Rye said...

Bad step is ok as long as you are not too fat or able to scramble a few feet. Nice photos of the walk.

The Odyssee said...

Yes. The bad step is ok really. It can seem a little daunting to the un initiated. We had 5 minutes sit down and watched others check it out and then decide to go round. Shame on them.

Thanks for looking at the photo's and your kind comment.

Anonymous said...

Good pics. Must do the Crinkles again some time.

The Odyssee said...

Thanks Robin, we had a lovely day and then that awful night.

Pennine Ranger said...

Last time I did the Crinkles it was foggy. I'd ticked off 4 of them and then got disoriented. I was just about to get out the compass when some other walkers came passed, so I asked them if this was the way to the fifth crinkle. "Depends on which way you're going", was their reply. Doh!

The Odyssee said...

Hi Tony,
Yes we had a fortunate day with the weather. The views 360 degrees were cloud free.
Unlike the night, which was pretty bad. Horizontal rain and winds gusting to 50mph.

As for route finding, there's nothing worse that a smart remark when you are after a bit of reassurance is their.

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