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Sunday, June 15, 2014

A New Challenge.

Sheila is sick to death of listening to stories about that TGO Challenge 2014 and so decided to take us both away from it all to this idilic little spot on the beautiful island of Kefallinia.
After a 2 hr delay sat on the tarmac of Manchester international airport or Ringway as us locals still call it we arrived mid afternoon yesterday to a balmy temperature of 28 degrees C.
So I am now sat on the balcony enjoying breakfast and the view. Just been for a bit of a run and it was a slow one as the humidity is high. I am experiencing a little bit of what the England footballers are having to put up with. Shame. Just heard we got beat 2:1. Typical.

Anyway Dorothy has just had a message to check her euro lottery so with a bit of luck we might be staying longer than 2 weeks. Here's hoping.


  1. I will endeavour to struggle through. Thanks Dawn.

  2. I got one of those e-mails from Euromillions 2 weeks ago. I checked my result with anticipation to find I had won £6.30 on my £2.00 ticket. It's been spend, spend, spend here ever since.

    1. This is the fifth win in as many weeks. Yes, all small ones so the big one is just around the corner. Innit.


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