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Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Waterproofs - APT Fabrics, Acclimatise.

During May many folk will be undertaking the TGO Challenge and so reading what’s new in the gear stakes could well be overlooked. So i am posting this now so that you can keep a reminder somewhere so when you get back you can check out a new set of waterproofs that is being launched in the month of May.

The “Merlin” (no pre-launch photograph as yet), will be a smock with a breast pocket. The smock will have Riri zips.
Colours Red with blue zips.
Black with orange zips.

I’m told that the RRP will be £150 which is a fair price for a good waterproof with Riri zips but a launch price of £120 including delivery is fantastic.

Keep your eye on the website.

Also coming soon will be a climbing smock with double breast pockets and over trousers.

I’m hoping to try one of these soon and report back on progress.


Dawn said...

Looking forward to that Alan.

markswalkingblog said...

I will be interested to see how you get on with this Alan. Will it live up to the claims!

AlanR said...

Hi Mark,
I can only tell you at this point. That the material is the same as the Brenig Aran smock which i tested last year and proved it to be successful. I havn’t seen one face to face yet and i have only had a brief email to let me know of them being released. I’m certain more will follow. Great price though.

AlanR said...

Me too.

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