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Friday, April 11, 2014

TGO Challenge 2014 gear Pt.2. Sleeping, F.A.K and toiletries.

When it comes to sleeping bags i only have 2 real choices.

  1. Rab Summit 300. 862grams incl dry bag.
  2. PHD Minim 500. 970grams incl dry bag.
I have chosen to take the Rab. My reasoning for this decision is as follows.
I tend to have a definite dividing line as to when i use each bag. If the conditions and temperatures are on the downwards trend 3 ℃ and below i would take the PHD. If the trend in conditions are 0and above i take the Rab. In the event that the temperature does take a dip then i could supplement the warm with clothes. Seeing that i will be taking the down jacket and warm socks anyway why not multi use them.
 Rab Summit 300.
PHD Minimus down jacket.

It was whist weighing these 2 items ( 862gr and 465gr) it came into my mind that i didn’t need a dry bag for both items individually. Changing to one dry bag saved me a whole 35grams.
Combined sleeping bag and down jacket, 1292grams. The down jacket would predominantly be used in camp anyway and therefore being located in the same bag as the sleeping bag would not cause an access problem.

I always put my down gear in its own dry bags even though i do use a rucksack dry liner.

I would like to reduce the weight of my sleeping bag by around 250 grams by getting a new one but these are expensive bits of kit and i’m not in a position to change gear just when i feel like it. So the Rab Summit will have to suffice for now.

*** Amendment made after 3 day Cumbria backpack. I will be changing the Rab summit bag for the PHD. I will not be taking my down jacket and I will not be taking the heat socks. As much as I like them.
I will take my Uniqlo down vest.

Under my bag i will be taking the ThermArest Neo air (Short) that was kindly replaced recently by Cascade. And also i will be taking some 3mm thick foam that will insulate and protect the NeoAir from punctures hopefully. The 6ft length of 3mm foam only weighs 77grams and its a luxury worth having imo. Tried and tested.

Underneath my sleeping area i will be taking a piece of Tyvek (No photo) as a groundsheet protector.100 grams.

A pair of Heat Socks will keep the cold at bay in the tent and also useful in bothies. I may not take these yet. The jury is still out.

F.A.K. (First aid kit)

The blue and yellow pouch is my Brenig food warmer which doubles up as my FAK protector.
Included here is:-

  1.  Spare toilet tissue which is actually kitchen roll. (it doesn’t disintegrate as easily as std toilet tissue.) 
  2. A roll of plaster tape and rubber gloves. 
  3. A small tub containing foot powder, 
  4. Small safety pins. Not absolutely necessary but they weigh very little.
  5. Lanacane anti chaffing gel.
  6. Small bandage
  7. Creme for any foot rot type infections.(Well used item)
  8. Painkillers
  9. Anti inflammatory tabs
  10. Gastro tabs
  11. Alergy tabs
  12. Blister plasters and re-hydration powder.
  13. Small sewing kit.
  14. Nail file
  15. Plastic tidy bags 
Scissors are in with my knife so a pair is not included here. Also a small tube of Savlon will be included but i didn’t have any when the photo was taken. So the 292grams will be closer to 300grams when it’s included.


  1. Alpkit tidy bag.
  2. Small Lifeventure towel
  3. Toothbrush
  4. Small tube of toothpaste
  5. Shaving oil
  6. Razor
  7. Sun oil (Spray). Just in case it stops raining.
  8. Cleansing wipes
  9. Dental sticks
  10. Soap.


Dawn said...

You are well organized there Alan. Usually I just pack my down stuff in ordinary stuff sacks and then use a large poly bag as extra protection. Mind, I also use a rucksack liner. On the previous trip during the flood epic, the rucksack was standing in over a foot of water and everything in the bag remained dry.

AlanR said...

You have to protect down gear otherwise there’s no point in taking it. Good to hear that yours was ok when you went on that trip with Noah. Ha

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