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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Samsung S3 phone gone haywire?

Just passing on our experience to other readers.

Sheila’s wonderful Samsung S3 smart phone was anything but smart after the last software upgrade. It would be easier and quicker to tell you about bits that worked rather than the areas which kept freezing or just didn’t work anymore.

We kept checking the Samsung web site for their “FIX” after they finally admitted the fault with the upgrade. Nothing for months.
Then we heard that there was not going to be a fix release and customers would have to wait for the next software upgrade. (Great way of losing customers)

So Sheila decided to sack Samsung altogether and go and buy an Apple phone. Her contract with Vodafone is almost up.
I had the idea of asking vodafone if they would download all Sheila’s info onto their smart expensive data transfer box and then re-set factory settings. They (Vodafone) told me that it wouldn’t work and it would just reset to the upgraded software. So one door closed.

Last week we noticed a new Samsung shop opening on Market St Manchester. It looks like an Apple store but smaller. Sheila asked if they could sort out the software mess and although they kept the phone 3 days it has been re-set to before the upgrade.
Everything is working fine. They did say that all the photo’s and contacts etc would be lost but that’s not a problem as we use numerous cloud type storage systems.

So if any readers are having similar problems with the S3 then there is a solution. Don’t take what your service provider says as gospel. Go to the manufacturer and insist that something is done.


Dawn said...

At times I am glad I am a technic phobe type of person. As yet I have never even managed the messaging thingamajig on my mobile!!!

AlanR said...

You can find as much as you need to know or want to know on You Tube. Lots of info there for all phones.

Marc_1970 said...

The problem isn't limited to your Samsung phone. My Sony Xperia T has gone a similar way since the Android upgrade. It's looking Android wide as my mates HTC has had some glitches since aswell.

QDanT said...

have you tried 'trimming the wick'

AlanR said...

Sorry to hear that Marc but yes you will be correct as it is the Android update which is causing the hassle. But if you didn't know before at least now you can get something done to improve operations.

AlanR said...

I tried cleaning the mantle and prodding the jet.

Marc_1970 said...

They've just sent an update to the update, I presume it's a fix. I'll let you know if it has helped. There may be hope.

AlanR said...

I hope it is Mark. It’s a real nuisance to say the least.

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