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Friday, May 29, 2015

Ben Tianavaig. Marilyn 414m

Rain and hail clattered the house windows and swiftly followed by sun and blue sky. We are getting all seasons each hour. It makes for fantastic dramatic sky's and beautiful panaramas.
We had been looking at the fine shape of Ben Tianavaig throughout the week and wanted to go up it before leaving Skye for the mainland.

Starting at Camastianavaig we headed up a path between 2 properties before leaving fenced fields and heading right to the edge of the escarpment.
The path is really just a sheep trod so care must be taken at the escarpment edge. The drop off the east side is not for those who suffer from vertigo. However a route to the top is easy to find as numerous tracks head upwards away from the edge.

We managed about 20 minutes before the sky went black, quickly waterproofs were put on and for the next ten minutes we had heavy rain and hail. This made the path extremely slippery and we found it better to plod through the heather.
Getting higher the views just got better and better. The Red Coulin close by and the Black Coulin completely lost in the vast cloud base.

From the mountain base the rock terraces can look a little off putting to some walkers but they are not a problem in reality.
Approaching the last couple of hundred yards from the summit the wind picked up and we got another icy blast of hail.
A rainbow loomed over Portree and the white houses shone brightly.
The top is a magnificent viewpoint and we are so pleased to have done it. Across at Trotternish the craggy tops clear and looking hard of access. We watched the rain as it moved around hiding everything in its path.

We had the hill to ourselves. It was too windy and cold to sit too long at the top so with sorrow we made our way back down the edge.

A very good walk.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We had our cake and ate it.

We only wanted a quiet wedding. No frills and all that.
However i thought the cake topper was an excellent choice by Debbie.
A Vango Force Tent made short to save weight.
I just hope the internet here in Skye will send the photo. Well here goes.

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Monday, May 25, 2015


Our wedding day went off without a hitch, so to speak.
Many, many thanks to everyone for their generosity and kind words.
Thanks to Dorothy, Debbie and Patrick for all the support on the day.
Having tied the knot in Rochdale Town Hall we sped up to Fort William for an overnight stop and a meal at the Cranogg.
We are now warmly settled into a beautiful house on Skye.
Photos to follow.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How to tie your trail shoes - Simples.

An interesting little video for those like me who had not come across this before and always wondered why my laces were far too long.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

One for JJ and Rick.

Just a trial run (1st video on the blog) but JJ will appreciate it i’m sure.
Saddleworth Morris men at Middleton. May Day parade.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TGO Challenge 2015

It soon comes round.
End of 2014 Challenge at Kinnibar links.

No sooner have you finished the last Challenge when another creeps up on you. For those on a first challenge it probably seems only a short time ago that the forms were sent in and you thought you had ages to get route, kit and transport sorted out.

Many challengers will already be on the journey to the start while others will on the last minute due to work and family commitments. Some may have that feeling of dread, sick, worried that they may not be fit enough or mentally ready to take on the challenge.

Although that churning in the pit of the stomach is a personal thing and you don’t have to be a first timer to suffer from it, let me tell you that it soon disappears. Once you have signed out of your start point and had a few laughs with fellow challengers those feelings dissipate. The wonderful scenery of Scotland and camaraderie takes over.

So, we wish you all well on your journeys. Enjoy it, make the most of it. Our journey is a very different one this time. A challenge of it’s own and the gathering in Montrose will be missed.
For those from abroad who have travelled great distances to get to Scotland i hope it is everything you expect it to be. I’m sure it will be, and more.

Sheila and I wish all the best to 2015 challengers and lets hope the weather assists you getting to the other side. Have a great time.

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