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Monday, September 18, 2017

Mammut Creon Lite 45L plus rucksack for sale.

For sale is my Mammut Creon Lite 45L plus rucksack.

This is quite a rare sack in the UK, it took me ages searching to find it. This one happens to be my second one and is only being sold due to a birthday present of a new and different sack from Sheila.

Its in very good condition and shows no sign of wear on any straps, zips, hipbelt, pockets etc.
The only tiny marks are on the base as you would expect from a used sack.
The marks as i say are very tiny and do not detract from what is an excellent piece of kit which has been looked after and not overly used.
The photo of the base shows the tiny marks.

It weighs just 1.1kg.
Colour, predominantly Red and Grey.
The back length is adjustable, see photo.

There's a decent review of the sack HERE if you would like to read an independent one.

I would like to get £35 for the sack and postage, TO UK ONLY, i guess would be in the region of £6.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Walk to British Cemetary

Another scorcher of a day and so humid, we should have stayed around our pool but we decided to walk the 5 or 6km to the British Cemetery across the bay of Argostoli.
It's another steep start before an even steeper drop down into the town square.
Once on the waterfront we decided to have a second breakfast at the Grand Hotel. Walking down the waterfront where plenty of folk were searching out the turtles we stopped at the fruit market which is fantastic.
The bridge across the bay is 1km long and has been recently refurbished. They've done a good job.
At the other end of the bridge I spotted what I at first thought was a Renault tractor but it was an old Zetor painted orange.
There is a good cafe just before the cemetery but we chose to pass it and call in on the way back.
Would you believe it! The cemetery gates were padlocked with a notice to ring a certain telephone number. We were so disappointed.
Well we now had time on our hands. A quick discussion and we were on our way to the ferry terminal. The crossing to Lixouri and back with the sea breeze would be wonderful.
On our way back down the waterfront we spotted a lone turtle and got to the ferry just as it was arriving. Great timing.
The crossing only costs €2.80 each way and is great value. The breeze was delightful.
Parked outside the terminal was a Willis Jeep in superb condition.
We got back into Argostoli at around 1.45pm and had lunch at the Premier restaurant in the main square. Fantastic service and far too much food, we won't need tea or supper that's for sure.
Dorothy has a few blisters which were hurting a bit now that we had stopped so she got a taxi back with Sheila.
I walked back up the hill and across the headland back to Lassi.
A hot but rewarding walk.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Evening promenade

Much money has been spent in Argostoli rejuvenating the town square and tourist areas along with the earthquake damaged water front.
The Greeks say the Germans built it due to the bale out money Greece had to borrow recently.
I won't take this story any further because of the history between the two nations but if I just say some here are not happy you will get the picture and everyone we have spoken to are with UK leaving EU.
On the other hand the work that has been achieved is a credit, no pun intended, to the council. It's beautiful and a pleasure to walk especially now that it's all pedestrianised and well lit at night.
We did have to stop of at one point to do a quality control check on a Greek white wine in a taverna. It passed from what I remember. Ha.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Today's walk

Yesterday's 12km walk took it out of Dorothy so today I decided to do a shorter one.
To get a good start we chose Mels cafe to have breakfast. It was ordered at 9.30 and it arrived at 10.45. We should have walked out really but we were so hungry.
The walk as per yesterday was on a good track up to Grand view and then on back roads to Kalamatia beach for late afternoon lunch and a dip in the sea.
There is a cafe up at Grand View but we walked past. Good to see lots of improvements are ongoing.
Down by a narrow track we crossed the main road through Lassi and headed for the facilities in the Med hotel.
The back roads are quiet and full of colour from the Hibiscus and the multi coloured Borganvillia.(spelling ?) and very pleasurable.
We picked up the coastal path which passes the Lassi hotel and shortly dropped down to Kalamatia beach.
Here we had a fine simple lunch. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph it but believe me it was great and we capped it off with a rewarding swim.
About 8km and 2.5 hours.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Photos from Fanari trail

Had to send photos on separate post. I guess the post size was too big to send all at one go. Sorry.

Fanari trail

Today in temperatures approaching 30c we took to the Fanari trail in Kefalonia. It's a steep, hot start until you reach a small chapel where after a couple of minutes the track levels out.
The trail is wide and wooded on both sides with occasional views down to Argostoli bay and across to Luxouri.
We had a short break at a newly finished lookout surrounded by litter. There are rubbish bins all around but still litter is everywhere.
A little further on we came to a memorial for murdered Italians during the 2 nd World War. Murdered by Germans no less.
The area is quiet and thankfully well kept and rubbish free.
We missed a turning and joined the coastal road a bit too early which meant we had longer to walk before reaching our favourite coffee stop. We wasn't disappointed, it's the best coffee on the island.
The VW owners club were having a rally at the camping ground and surprisingly we spotted a few U.K. Number plates.
The coastal path into Argostoli is flat and scenic with quite a few elderly locals taking to the water to cool off.
In the town we decided to get a taxi back to our villa €7, where we were greeted by a 4 legged visitor eating the plants.

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