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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hollingworth Lake stroll.

Yesterday we managed a few hours to ourselves and considering how nice the weather was we decided to get the train to Smithy Bridge and then take our time on the perimeter path.

Its only a short journey from home, in fact its only 2 stops and within the Greater Manchester transport area, which means i travel for free. We were very surprised to see that our train had 3 new carriages and they were virtually empty. It really is annoying that when its busy we usually only have 2 old and dilapidated carriages.

On arrival at Smithy Bridge we crossed the Rochdale canal, which is the reason why Hollingworth Lake was built in 1800. As a water feeder system. Today it is used purely for recreation.

Rochdale Canal at Smithy Bridge.

Hollingworth lake on a cloudless day.
The walk from the station to the lake takes about 10 minutes. Once at the lake the hardest decision we had to make was do we go clockwise or anti? We chose clockwise and seeing that it had gone 12 o'clock thought we would have lunch in the Wine Press, the white building in the above image.

The lake shops and the pathway were quite busy for a Monday. There was even a queue all the way outside Mr Thomas's fish and chip shop. The amount of rubbish scattered around was quite appalling. 
Obviously the rubbish bins are to small to accommodate the weekends revellers. It would have been chocker block here on Saturday and Sunday.

 The Wine Press was doing a good trade, we opted for Ploughman's Lunch and a bottle of Chianti.
The Ploughmans was ok but it could have have been so much better for a small amount of extra cost. It was only £6.95. It was also served on a slate which i hate. What's wrong with a white plate.
 Looking across to Blackstone Edge.
 The above image is off the camping and caravan site which was looking splendid. Its been a while since we came here but i don't recall it looking as good as this.

 Zoom from across the lake of our lunch spot.

 Many new features were noticed along the way, including this Owl. it was a shame to see the Sea Scouts centre closed down though.

 I wish.
It takes about an hour to walk around the lake and at the mid point there is a cafe and toilets facility. Its a lovely stroll and was perfect for us, time wise. We couldn't have asked for better weather, so all in all it turned out to be very pleasant. We needed to be out and get a little bit of time to ourselves. 
It also proved how unfit i am. 

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