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Monday, February 13, 2023

The Singing Ringing Tree. A quick visit.


After an overnight trip into Burnley we decided to go up to the Singing Ringing Tree located at SD8512 2894 on the way home. We hadn't been to it in the past and it is located very close to the car park. It only takes a few minutes to walk and on a decent path to get to it. 

The "Tree" is a wind powered orchestra of tubes, sculptured into a wind blown shape of a mountain tree.

It was erected in 2006 and is one of four sculptures created by the East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network. Desiged by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu.

The singing ringing tree.

It was a good day to stand under the tree as the wind was relatively strong. The sounds were fantastic. It was bitterly cold and we didn't stay too long. At the car park a man had a flat tyre so I volunteered to change it for him. My fingers felt like they were about to fall off it was freezing.

It was an enjoyable 1/2 hr.

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