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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Hoad Monument Ulverston

 Thursday 30th November 2023

If you have ever driven through Ulverston or done the Cumbria Way then you would have seen Hoad Monument or its right name The Sir John Barrow monument. You cannot miss it. 

We have said many times that we must go up there and today we finally found the time to do it. 

We parked the car in the small area within Ford Park and paid our £1 donation. The track is well used and obvious for most of the way. The final 100 metres or so the stony track gives way to grass and the 360 degree views are stunning on a good day. We had picked a good day if a bit chilly. 

Sir John Barrow had a varied life and it all started when he was 13 yrs old, leaving school to start helping local under privileged children. Going onto the Admiralty as second secretary and being involved with artic exploration and the northern passage. He was a founder member of the Royal Geographical Society and travelled to China and Africa as a diplomat.

 His life is such an exploration I am going to find his book. 

Even though the monument is in the shape of a lighthouse, there has never been a light at the top. On certain days volunteers open the monument to the public. When it is open a flag flies from the adjacent flagpole. 

Anyway,  here are a few of the photographs taken. 

This bench shows the the Furness railway squirrel and grape motifs.

Zoom across to that there Yorkshire. 
Looking towards Coniston Fells

The monument, which is 30 metres tall stands on top of 133 metre Hoad hill. It was built by public subscription, costing £1200 in 1850 to commemorate Sir John.
Zoom to Heysham power station. 
Leven railway viaduct. 
I think this is a Dart 2 seater trainer. (I could be wrong of course). 

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