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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jobby Trowel

Well this week i have been giving the Jobby Trowel some thought and have eventually come up with this design.
It's made from Marley waste pipe 40mm i/d to Bs 5255, this tube seems tougher than other plastic waste pipe i checked out.
I have cut the pipe to length 20cm and then sliced it length ways into 2 halves retaining the curve of the pipe to act as the scoop.
Then shaped it to suit the job!
The tools used were hacksaw, file and 3mm drill.

At this stage as per photo it weighs in at 29 grams. It can be made lighter if required by adding holes down the length of it. Also it could be made shorter. Its up to you.
Hope you like it and make your own.

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