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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thermos Flask Ultimate

My Thermos flask which i use on day walks has started to leak. It was only a cheap thing so i didn't expect it to last as long as it did. About 8yrs.
We decided that we should replace both mine and Sheila's with something a bit more decent. After a search on the web i came across this flask. It's a Thermos Ultimate. 0.5L capacity and the weight is 0.29kg if you remove the rubber strips. The good thing about this flask is that it keeps drinks hot for 24 hours. Lots of other flasks only manage 8hrs.
Not many places had this flask on offer but i found it at Asda on line for £20.
Having received it i was pleased at just what a quality piece of kit it is. It's double skinned and insulated. The stopper has no buttons or flip up pourers which are basically leak spots anyway. It just has the 2 side grooves so when you unscrew it you can pour out the contents without removing the stopper completely. The cup/lid is not too big but i think its just an ideal size.
The flask is guaranteed for 10 years and the bumf says it is dent proof. Well we will see about that in the future. All in All we are pleased with our purchase.


Anonymous said...

I must look out for one of these. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This ultimate flask is indeed a quality piece and it keeps my coffee HOT for hours and hours.. the only strange thing is that when i screw the stopper down, it sits a bit crooked. I bought two of these flasks and they both came out of the box with a crooked stopper. As the flask doesn 't leak and holds its warmth it's not a real issue but i was wondering if your flask has the same 'problem'???


AlanR said...

Hi Bert, I admit this was not noticeable to me until you mentioned it. I too have 2 of these flasks now, and they both show this trait.
It happens just as the rubber seal makes contact with the inner flask lip. As you put pressure on the seal the stopper tilts slightly.
I don't think this is a fault, i think its purely down to the pressure being applied on the rubber and the sideways tolerance between the inner threads and the stopper threads.
Neither of mine leak at all and the contents are staying as hot as i need. I don't think its anything to worry about.
Good to hear from you and thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan, just after i wrote my previous comment i had another look at my flasks and i was thinking exactly what you described about the pressure on the rubber seal, the tilting of the stopper and the tolerance between the threads.
I feel relieved after reading your thoughts about this trait because it got me worrying for a while..
This is indeed a very good flask to enjoy hot drinks and to take with you as a travel companion. Thanks for sharing your experience on this thermos flask. Greetings from Belgium!

AlanR said...

Hi Bert,
Just another point.
If the tolerances between the flask threads and the stopper threads were any tighter then it would be difficult to pour the contents out of the flask with the stopper is in situ.
I'm glad you agree with my findings. Its a great flask.

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