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Monday, January 24, 2011

Backpacking spoons. MYOG

I had to post a parcel today so i decided to walk into town rather than use the car. Due to the closures of village Post Offices this is now a 6 mile hike for us.
While i was there it gave me the chance to have a look round some of the shops. On my mind had been the idea of buying a Bamboo spoon for backpacking. Bamboo is the ideal material, it’s strong, relatively light weight, food doesn’t stain Bamboo so i am led to believe, and therefore it should be ok for those packet curries and spagbols we tend to take with us.
Also, i wanted a spoon with a longer handle to get down to the bottom of the packets without getting food all over my fingers.
Over the years i had tried many spoons, from the cheap and cheerful to the expensive folding titanium but had never been happy with any really. Although i did receive a freebie from Expedition foods which was quite good. Below is a few of our collection.
Then in one of the less expensive shops in town i spotted these tongs. (Sorry the photo contrast is too similar.)
They were only £0.59p and as you can see they are basically 2 spoons glued together. They are just the right length at 24 cm (9.5”) So i thought it wouldn’t take a genius to make something of these to suit my requirements.
Getting back home i set about them. First splitting the tongs and then sanding them down until smooth.
I decided just for cosmetic reasons to drill some holes in the handle and then tie in a length of Dyneema cord.

So here we have the finished spoon. Weight 0.5 oz or 14 grams. Only 3 grams heavier than my Expedition foods poly spoon, so that’s pleasing.
It looks good, and it will make a good companion for any Kupilka.
For £0.59p, a bargain i think.


  1. Looks good! And wood does not get too hot or melt (if you use it while preparing the food).

    Funny, when I first saw the tongs, my immediate reaction was that these will split in the bag. But that was exactly how it was intended :)

  2. Thanks Maria, a very simple MYOG, but an effective one and very cheap.

  3. Hi Richard.
    A quick and easy job and whole £0.59p. i love these cheap bits of kit.Lol

  4. I've got one of those Light My Fire things, but I like your solution. Good eye. Inventive.

  5. Thanks Keith and for dropping by.


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