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Monday, May 9, 2011

Tarp Tent Moment Mods

Well today i posted off my new Tarptent Moment to have a new inner doorway fitted. On the last Moment outing i was not happy with the existing doorway and it just had to be changed.
Fortunately, Robin who’s blog is aptly named blogpackinglight came to the rescue and put me onto Sean at Oookworks who has kindly taken on the task.

If you are thinking like me that you want some changes made to your existing kit then it’s worth giving Oookworks a call or sending an email via the contact us section of the website.

I can’t wait to get it back and when i do i will be posting the changes.


Mac E said...

Look forward to see the results.

AlanR said...

Hi Richard,
Yes, same here! Hope it won’t take too long.

Unknown said...

I do like to see someone modifying their kit...

AlanR said...

Hi Maz,
It had to be done. Even though i am sacrificing a few grams it will be worth it. It will make living with it so much better.

Stuart said...

After seeing this I had Oookwerks mod my door also ,very good job and a great improvement,

AlanR said...

Stuart, thanks for reading my post and for letting me know you think our modification is a good one. I hope you enjoy the additional freedom.
Sean’s work is excellent.

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