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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tilley reply to my Zem shoe Amendment.

I emailed Natasha Wright who is the Marketing co-ordinator at Tilley UK about the lack of visibility of the Zem shoe on the high street.
The response from her is below. I would like to thank her for that quick response.
People who have read my post and have been interested in the shoe like myself,  must make up there own minds on how they want to proceed.

Dear Alan,
Thank you for your email.
ZEMgear is a brand that has just arrived in this country and all our Tilley retailers have received information on ZEMs and have been invited to consider stocking them but it is their decision, we can only encourage them.
Initial responses have been extremely positive and we hope to see many more points of sale in the UK in the near future….In the meantime ZEMs are available online and by mail order, and sizing has not proved a problematic issue so far.

If you are unsure then we can send you a couple of pairs to try and whichever pair does not fit you can return for a refund.

Regards Natasha


Alan Sloman said...

Hmmm. Not good.

Does she mean we have to *buy* two pairs and then send one of the pairs back for a refund?

Or, does she mean that they will send out two pairs and we can return the pair that doesn't fit and that they will reimburse the postage?

Surely a better response would be to tell us where we can find a shop that *does* stock them.

AlanR said...

Hi Alan,
I understand it to mean that if you have doubts about the size then buy 2 pairs. Send one back and get a refund.
My thoughts, buy one pair and take a chance on the size. It's 50:50 they will be right and if wrong then it's no worse than option 1.

Either way it's not great but we take chances at times buying gear from websites but i would prefer to see them before buying

I know that there is nowhere in Manchester, but you could email Natasha at and ask if there is anywhere in your locality that has taken any stock.

I was surprised that she didn't provide a list of retail outlets that have taken them but then maybe none have yet.

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