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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A wintery local 10 miles

 Our Saturday morning 10 mile walk was a slippery one straight from the front door.
Sheila was sporting her new boots. Now that winter has arrived, she had decided that after last weekends very wet walk up Hail Storm Hill, that a waterproof, warm pair of boots was necessary. Hopefully i can persuade her to do a review on them in a few weeks time. They look good and are very light weight. She also has a new pair of gloves which i am very envious off, so maybe 2 reviews are pending.

 The sun had only just appeared about the horizon causing a lovely pink tinge to the cloud edges. The mist was still thick across some of the low fields yet others cleared as the sun warmed the air. In the cold misty fields the sheep had not yet risen from there slumbers and the tup was showing no interest what so ever. I don't blame him.

 The heavy rains of recent weeks had flooded fields that now resembled ice skating rinks with handrails full of frost. Proceeding along the Rochdale canal the ducks greeted us noisily but it was to no avail, we were breadless. They went back to bottom feeding.

 Dorothy was finding staying up on her feet quite difficult and progress was slow. We should have brought some shoe spikes with us but we didn't realise how bad it was going to be.

 One of the routes we use is usually very flooded and so today we changed paths hoping for an easier and dryer way round. It wasn't to be, it was just as wet and a lot of bog had been created by a herds of cows which were now comfortably inside the barn. Across the boggy land we made a mental note not to go that way again.
 The view over to Knowle Hill and Scout moor had the wind turbines bathed in sunshine. A bit different to last weekend.

 When we eventually reached Tandle Hill Park, via more very slippery Land Rover tracks,  it was unusually quiet, not that many dog walkers out yet. The cafe in the park was closed. What a disappointment. We usually stop here for a brew instead of bringing our own. We hung around hoping that the proprietor would turn up at any minute but it wasn't to be and so we headed off.
 We passed what looked like a TA unit doing some excercises. Good to see some hardy souls out as well as us.

 Derbyshire looks very dark at this point although North across Lancashire and East into Yorkshire was looking good. Quite a breeze was blowing and too chilly to hang around. Down and back onto more slippery tracks and homeward bound.
A few photographs of our walk can be found by clicking on the link below.

Photo’s link


Sir Hugh said...

I just had a look at the map - is your Rochdale canal blocked off where it meets the motorway at SD 8901 1126? I see that north of there it runs past Hollingworth Lake where I used to sail back in the 60s.

AlanR said...

Hi Sir Hugh,
No, the canal has been completely referbished and re-opened. The towpath takes a short diversion at the point where you indicate but the canal is clear.
Great fish and chip shop at Hollingworth lake. We like to do a quality control check once a year.

-maria- said...

It looks like it's rather chilly over there, too! I'm looking forward to the reviews by Sheila - especially the boots got me interested :)

afootinthehills said...

I love the tree relection photograph Alan. We used Kahtoola microspikes yesterday on a local walk - everywhere was solid ice. Snow lying this morning.

AlanR said...

Rain today Maria, so the ice is clearing. I will hopefully get her to do a review in a few weeks when she has used them plenty.

AlanR said...

Thanks Gibson, Yesterday and today is so different. We do have strange weather here in UK. The Kahtoola spikes are excellent. I borrowed a pair a few years ago when i did the Coniston ridge in winter and from then on i said i would buy some but i am still saying it. We have the cheap version from Clas Ohlson.

Phreerunner said...

Nice photos. Brrrr! Like the tractor....
I can lend you some 12 pointers for Dorothy if you like!

AlanR said...

Thanks Martin. I keep telling him to clean the tractor but he never does.
Thanks for the offer of the spikes but i think 12 pointers are just a little OTT for our walks with Dorothy. We decided that if it’s icy just to leave her at home instead of tempting fate.
Good day yesterday. Thanks.

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