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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A lovely bit of Kiniros.

Yesterday, Tuesday was overcast and threatened a storm. The hills were blanketed with cloud rolling around. Leaning on the balcony of our villa we contemplated what to do as we had brought no wet weather gear at all. Sheila came up with the right answer, "it's warm so if we get soaked we will dry out fast". As it happened, although the threat remained all day it never amounted to more than the odd short shower.
We walked for about 3 hours just around the back lanes and farm tracks taking lots of pics of flowers and butterflies and on our return went down to a small cove for a swim.

Today, we warned Dorothy that we were going to have a walk up some hillsides and one especially christened the Jesus hill. This is apt blasphemy and has nothing to do with religion. There was a promise of great views and cake at the end.

Again the day is overcast but still 28 deg C. Plenty of fluids required.
Here are a few of the flowers seen today.

Someone's idea of fun in the garden. Brilliant.
Church of St. Gerasimos.
Interior of the Greek Orthodox church. Argostoli.
Sat at the rejuvenated water front at Argostoli.

A throng of people were staring into the harbour at the numerous large turtles that were taking advantage of the small fishing boats leftovers.
On our way through we spotted this chap selling off Kiniros steaks. We have no idea what Kiniros is, but it looks like a tuna steak. Maybe some foody can enlighten me. I bought 2 large steaks from him that weighed in at 1 kilo and it cost 12 euro.
Me buying Kiniros
Feeling quite pleased with the fresh purchase for our evening meal tonight we thought it apt to celebrate with a visit to the cake shop.

So we bought 8 delightful cakes. The lady serving asked if it was for a special occasion and I said no, we are going to eat them now, and will be back tomorrow for some more, but I may bring a knife so that we can buy a gateaux. Yummy.
The cakes unfortunately didn't make it 100yds. We found an empty bench and made pigs of ourselves.
We now had to get back to the villa with the fish as the weather had really improved. It was ideal for spoiling fish if we left it much longer and I didn't fancy a trail of flies or cats following us home.
Once back at the villa, I cleaned up the fish, washed and cut up into portions ready for later.
Right its almost G and T time so must dash.


  1. Alan, you did a wonderful job of cooking the fish. Especially after the 7pints of beer. Thanks sheila & Dorothy. Xx

  2. Was it only 7! All part of rehydrating. Its very important you know.

  3. 7 pints!
    Did it taste like tuna (it doesn't look like tuna), or were you too drunk to notice?

  4. They were only small glasses Martin. No it didn't taste like tuna, it was more like cod to be honest. Large white flakes. Nothing like sword fish or shark. My Greek mate told me that Kiniros means "hunter", but he didn't know what the fish would be called in English.

  5. 14 small glasses? I'm not surprised it tasted more like cod...

    1. No, I think Sheila was seeing double. Ha.

  6. Lovely flowers, cakes and fresh looking fish! Enjoy your holiday, you all!


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