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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beardo’s Unisex warm gear

I was sent this info on gear for next years challenge. Its from a company called Beardo.

I think it should be obligatory for all entrants.
Challengers would certainly stand out from the crowd and keep themselves warm and frost free..
You can even get them in your favourite team colours.
 (My team is not blue and white btw.)
I think this one was designed by Mike Knipe. Just guessing. Ha.


Dawn said...

A pair of dark shades with that outfit and you could suddenly find yourself surrounded by the boys in blue!!

AlanR said...

I think a pipe would set it off, although it might be a bit difficult getting the cheese and tomato butty through.

Sir Hugh said...

I checked to see if it is April 1st

AlanR said...

You have to have a laugh sometimes don’t you.

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