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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do you wear shorts or long socks when hiking!

Ticks are becoming more prevalent, not just in Scotland but farther south too. We all like to wear shorts when we can and some old school still like to wear 3/4 length trousers or plus 4’s as they were called.
This leaves the legs open to the beasties who are lying in wait in the tall grass and heather for a warm blooded animal to brush past. Then they pounce and crawl into nice warm areas of the body and live there for a while.

So for those people who don’t wear long trousers with elastic bands around the ankle, here is a deterrent for the critters.

Click HERE. for the socks and HERE for further information.

Rovince Tick Shield long trekking socks.


Dawn said...

Interesting Aaln. Usually I pick up ticks when wild camping. Usually in the summer months we prefer to sit outside the tent. This has happened to me a few times. They certainly are nasty beasties and can be a health hazard.

AlanR said...

I saw these and thought of Conrad because he says he now has to wear long socks. Tick shield is a bonus at the price.

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