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Saturday, August 13, 2016

A local walk with the iphone 6.

All the photo's below have been taken with the iphone 6. Without a tripod and with some editing which is available on the phone.
 The Rochdale canal

 Rowan Berries along the towpath.
 Canada Geese.
 Any suggestions of the name of the plant?
 The River Irk


John J said...

Love the apostrophes on the blackboards! Very good photos from your iPhone, I'm impressed.

AlanR said...

The landlord changes the signs regularly. Quite funny and become a bit of a talking point.

Phreerunner said...


AlanR said...

Thanks Martin. I thought it was a Sweet Pea. Ha.

Dawn said...

Your usual high caliber photos Alan, lovley,

Sir Hugh said...

Touché! Great results. It's the means to the end that are my problem, but obviously not yours.

AlanR said...

Not as good as with the Sony compact Dawn but acceptable for the blog. Thanks.

AlanR said...

It wasn't meant to be touché Conrad, I just thought I better put some pictures where my words were. I have also started using a Bluetooth shutter release. This stops all those burst shots and there is no physical contact with the camera, so no blurring.

afootinthehills said...

They are good photos Alan. I've been transferring some iPhone pictures to my laptop and they look fine, especially since they were taken quite casually and haven't been edited. I'll put a few up on my blog for assessment!

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