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Friday, January 6, 2017

Music to my ears.

Not just music though. Basically any media that transfers from your phone via Bluetooth pairing.
Wires, informally described by me as coloured various, are the bane of my life and probably yours too. So Bluetooth is my way to go.

How often have you walked with ear phones to find them snagged on a plethora of things or got the tent up and then can't find them, or, fell asleep in your sleeping bag to find wires wrapped around your neck or stuck in the zip.

Not any more for me. I now have a Bluetooth beanie.

The beanie has fitted within its rim 2 small speakers, around the size of a 2 pence piece, (25mm approx). One has a set of switches for on, off, advance or reverse media the other is a solo speaker. All very lightweight, connected together by a 1mm diameter wire, running around the rim and undetectable when you are wearing it.

I doubt the speakers are waterproof but I have no data either way to support that statement and I am not purposely going to prove it deliberately. If it fails in the rain at some point in the future I will report back.

A charging cable is supplied along with a user guide. Charging takes about 2 hours and will continuously play for around 3.5hrs with 60 hours on standby. The battery is a 3.7v/100mA Li-ion type, small and lightweight otherwise it would become to heavy to wear. The data sheet says it can be charged 1000 times.

The hats rim allows the speakers to be removed from the hat for washing which also means that the kit could be transposed into your favourite hat as long as that has a sown rim.

Bluetooth connectivity, V3.0+EDR, is quick and easy.
A built in microphone transmits a spoken number to you when your phone rings, hands free answering.

These hats are available on many web sites and prices vary between £5 and £20. Here's one to check out. Click HERE or paste the link below into your browser.

And for the summertime there is always this:- Click here.


Dawn said...

Different Alan, certainly different!

AlanR said...

Glad you think so Dawn. I wasn't trying to pull the wool over your ears. Ha

Al said...

I'm like you Alan, just coming to the conclusion that wires are soon to be a thing of the past. I like the look of the hat...I have a wired version which is good. I think might try a Bluetooth Hat. Thanks for the "heads-up" pun intended!!

AlanR said...

It works better than I ever thought it would and the price doesn't break the bank.

Sir Hugh said...

Oh dear! Do I really need any more tech. But I am such a sucker. I'm on the case already!

afootinthehills said...

Interesting - but whatever will you do in summer when you're not wearing a beanie? I never walk with ear phones but in camp this would be excellent I think.

AlanR said...

Conrad. Hook, line and sinker eh.

AlanR said...

Hi Gibson. I had thought about that issue Summer. I love solving problems so I will get on it asap.

AlanR said...

Summer resolved Gibson.

I also have a myog idea too.

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