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Friday, October 13, 2017

FAME, Well i wouldnt go that far, but still.....

Isn't it a nice feeling when you get complimented in a publication.

I'm also on the front cover of the book.HERE
The book is called "Memoirs of a serial hiller" by Alan Butterworth.


Dawn said...

There we are Alan, fame at last! Well, at least your name is out in print! You never know?

AlanR said...

The book brought back plenty of good memories and a few I hoped I would forget. Ha. Cheers Dawn

John J said...

Ah, we always knew you were famous!

AlanR said...

Yer, right. Ha.
The guy who wrote it has a great, dry sense of northern humour. As per the book title. It’s worth a read JJ.

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