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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Nebo Lumo tent light

The "Lumo" light from Nebo is a lightweight offering which is an ideal backpackers tent light.
It weighs just 25 grams including the 3 x LR44 batteries and the clip.

The light comes with 3 batteries already fitted and also a spare bank of 3 as well. So 10hrs of available lighting.


  • 25 grams total weight.
  • 25 Lumens brightness
  • Fitted light diffuser
  • Max length of light spread is 3 metres.
  • Water resistant.
  • 1 metres impact resistance. 
  • 5 hours constant battery life.
  • Body made from Aluminium
  • The on/off button is glow in the dark  material.
  • Not adjustable brightness.

The light is available in four colours as image below.
Cost varies across the internet.
I bought mine from CPC Farnell at £4.74 and as i bought 2 of them i got free delivery.
They are also available at Screwfix for £4.99 and the Cotswold Shop for £7.99.
They are also available on ebay at the unbelievable price of £11.58.


  1. I'm impressed with the light spread for its size. Its worth a go if you are looking to save a little weight. Also its a handy size to keep in an emergency pack. You could definitely use it to walk with if your main head torch packed up.

  2. Hi Alan. Off the optic but I note from elesewhere that you’ve not been your usual fit self lately, so I hope you’re on the mend and out and about again soon.

  3. Hi Gibson, sorry for the delayed reply. I think I like optic better.
    Yes, I cannot ever remember being so off with what ever it was. No definite name for it so I called it Gorilla flu, a take on Gorilla glue, because it stuck to me for ages. I now feel human again.
    Thanks for thinking of me. And HNY.


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