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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Hopwood Nature Reserve.

 We started this walk from the car park at Slattocks, Grid Ref SD 88459 08648.

The route is local to us and we did 8km on a cold but very sunny day. The pictures depict how nice the walk was with little explanation needed.

The route which we took in an anti clockwise direction. Starting from the chequered symbol.

The most photographed ducks on the Rochdale Canal at the Ship Inn Pub.

The Lodge at Hopwood Cottage. (Now Manchester Golf Course)
Wood Anemone

Gorse Bush
Castleton Church Spire, chimney of Arrow Mill and Scout Moor Wind Farm behind.
Gorse in Lords Wood.
Knowl Hill in the distance.

A pair of lone tree shots.

Tree Rats sunbathing.
Long Zoom shot of Winter Hill. 22km as the crow flies.
Long zoom shot of Peel Tower at Holcombe. 12km as the crow flies.
We got close to Bambi.
Bambi's mates.
Blackthorn looking well. (See comments from Bowlandclimber)
As we didn't take any coffee with us it was back home for lunch.


bowlandclimber said...

Nice walk. It's good to get out.
Amazing that you had snow overnight, over in Bowland we had none, it was wall-to-wall sunshine all day. I could see the West Pennines were plastered with the white stuff.
Is that white blossom Blackthorn rather than Hawthorn? Blackthorn flowers before the leaves appear, Hawthorn is green before the flowers appear. Sorry, I'm not trying to teach how to suck eggs.

AlanR said...

Hi BC. Yes we had a good covering of snow but it didn't last long when the day warmed up. The higher slopes are still covered though. It was a lovely day. Yes, you may well be right with Blackthorn. I didn't check it out. I am no expert when it comes to identifying plant life so i appreciate you letting me know. In fact the Hawthorn in my garden hasn't flowered yet. I will change the description. Many thanks.

Sir Hugh said...

Not seen any snow here in Arnside except for the odd flake drifting in the wind. Perhaps we can now get a bit further afield?

AlanR said...

I wondered where that snow flake went, now i know. We can get further a field now but staying overnight in a campervan or tent is still not allowed until May. Lots of abuse happening though. The silliest for me is that organised walking clubs are allowed 30 people but "friends" only 6. Why does the word organised make the slightest difference to how the virus spreads. Also what difference would it make for a solo backpacker to camp out on the hills. I think the guidlines are far too rigid.

Phreerunner said...

You must have felt good after that walk, Alan.
Hopefully all these 'rules' will soon be a thing of the past...

AlanR said...

Yes, but getting a bit fed up of local walks. It would seem I was wrong about camper vans and wild camping etc not being allowed until May. Some camp sites are now open so it must be ok to get out on the hills overnighting.

Phreerunner said...

Actually, we've plenty to do at home, and looking forward to a Welsh trip in May. I'll arrange another Longridge walk after 17 May, but it seems sensible to be cautious at present.
Tested positive today, for antibodies!
Take care

AlanR said...

Hi Martin,
We have done plenty at home and there is always more to be done. Does your positive test mean that you have had it but didn't know or are the antibodies there as a result of the Jab. I presume that you are feeling well?

Phreerunner said...

I don't think I've been near anyone with Covid, and I have felt fine throughout the pandemic, so I think this positive test for the long lasting antibodies is as a result of the jab I had on 31 January.
I'm just scanning some great photos from January 1980!

AlanR said...

Thats good news. 1980 was a period in time when lots of photos were done as slides. I remember I had a Hanimex projector and used to bore people to death showing hiking trips and holidays. I still have some slides but no projector.

Phreerunner said...

I have the projector, and 596 slides for 1980, coming to a halt for some reason on 12 October.
I plan to save one in five, so I'll still have 120 slides for that year, and many more scanned images. I've now processed about 200 of them...
Happy days!

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