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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Duddon Valley Championship Fell Race June 2023.

 The Duddon Fell Race this year was a championship race. Around 390 runners registered however due to the extremely hot weather 287 runners took part in the long race.

The long race is 29km long and 1830metres of climbing.

This years winner was Billy Cartwright of Matlock Athletic club and his time was 2hrs 46 mins 28 seconds. A fantastic achievement.

The short race is 15.3km long and 915metres of climbing. It was won by Felix Barker from Ambleside athletic club in a time of 1hr 43mins 47 seconds.

Here are my photographs from the day. If anyone wants to take a copy then please feel free.


  1. Mind boggling for me who struggled to do 6 min. miles over a 6 mile circuit when I was at my best, although only for my own satisfaction, i.e. not competitive.
    The attractions of that Duddon scenery shine through in the photos.

  2. Thanks Conrad. I took many more which I may do a post and include them. On this post I only wanted to show the runners so that they could copy my pictures if they wanted. I am always full of respect for fell runners who do long runs and then cross the line as though they have done a 100 metres. Hope you are well btw.


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