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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lightweight Stoves?

I was sorting out the loft and came across some old copies of TGO mag. Flicking through June 1981 i saw this add for LIGHTWEIGHT EQUIPMENT, how times have changed. LOL


Alan Sloman said...

I still have my one pint Primus stove - I fire her up every year and she starts first time. Very efficient, she is, too.

She took me down the Pennine Way forty years ago when I was the tender age of fourteen!

There's a load of life in her yet! She still comes out to play when there's problems with gas in the village.

AlanR said...

I can remember those days.
I had one as well, but not for very long as the well known Trangia replaced it.
When i moved house i'm afraid it was sacrificed.
What about the size of the rucksacks we carried to lug all this weight around. Frightening. I doubt i could even lift it up nowadays.
The good old days eh!

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