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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Weekend in Gosforth Cumbria

Friday night and Saturday morning it hammered it down. I lay in bed listening to the rain bashing the windows and the wind howling. By the time we had got up the rain had eased a little but it was still blowy and quite nippy.
The tops were nowhere to be seen again as they were shrouded in low cloud.
We had a drive into Whitehaven and it was very quiet. Its usually a bustling little place but not today. We drove on to St Bees and a brew in Hartley's tea shop. The sea was enormous, the waves huge and the walkway was getting a good drenching. People were running along trying to dodge the spray over the top while others were taking photographs. We watched from the warmth of the cafe. We are not daft.

Sunday, still low cloud but a much calmer day. Quite warm. We decided to go for a walk/stroll through Bleng forest and back which was really good. It made a change to be out walking. There was still some ice about but the majority had thawed.
There was plenty of people about taking dogs for a walk etc and the odd hiker. Good for him. I don't mean "odd" strange i mean "odd" just the one or two.
It was a shame that we had to drive back today as walking the lower fells would have been a delight with the weather being reasonable, but thats life and there will be other times.

We had some new waterproofs to test out this weekend but we didn't get a proper chance. It will have to wait till next time.

As we sped home we were disappointed that Winter hill and Rivington Pike were bathed in sunshine and clear blue sky's having spent the weekend seeing nothing but mist. Typical, we should have stayed at home!


Alan Sloman said...

It was pouring with rain, yet you didn't get to test the new waterproofs?

Of course you are spot on - Best to test them when it's nice & sunny.

AlanR said...

I know exactly where you are coming from BUT the circumstances are that Sheila's mum lives in Gosforth and she doesn't drive. We go up and take her shopping once every 3 weeks.
If we are lucky we get to go for walk saturday afternoon and sunday.
By the time we got finished on saturday afternoon we just wanted to have a settee moment.
Sunday was quite a nice day and too warm for waterproofs.
To test them properly it needs to be raining and have a decent gradient so that you can see what the condensation factor is like when you are working hard. Also to test the hood it needs to be windy.
I havn't seen any test reports on this jacket i bought so i need to do a proper job of it before posting it here.
I have done 2 short walks this week so far.
The first was in the rain yesterday and was for 3 hours (about 8 miles) but i only had 200 m of ascent and it was quite calm.
Today i walked 6 miles on flat ground but at a fair old pace.
So far i am pleased with the weight of it and the design.

I look forward to the next nice and sunny day though. !
Cheers Alan

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