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Thursday, February 4, 2010

What a PAIN

How unlucky can i be. Went into the garden to bring in some logs, slipped on the snow and ice and slipped a disc in my back. After a couple of days lying down doing nothing i can now get up and write this. It's still very painful but hopefully if i keep taking the tablets, as the saying goes, i will be able to manage a short walk on saturday. Great!

Just heard that 2 guys from Yorkshire have fell on Great Gable, one dead and one seriously injured. I feel for the families.


afootinthehills said...

Sorry to hear of your fall. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Alan Sloman said...

Sounds painful if it has taken that long to just feel like you can sit at a keyboard!
Good luck with the recovery.

AlanR said...

Thanks guys for your kind words. Yes, i do suffer from this dreaded back from time to time.Just lasts 24hrs or so normally. Ithink it comes from carrying all the heavy packs years ago. I used to do some daft things in my younger days. Hindsight eh! and all that.
I would imagine it will take a week to settle down this time as i went a right cropper.
We have to drive to Cumbria tonight otherwiswe Sheila's mum will starve over the coming weeks. So hopefully i will chance a short walk and try to loosen it up. Cheers Alan

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