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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Phone.

Well after many weeks of deliberation the phone i chose was the Samsung Omnia HD. So i went into town to purchase the said item and guess what. NOBODY sold it! Absolutely none of the big providers contract it or sell it.
I will have to choose another. I'm sick as a parrot.


afootinthehills said...

That's a pity but you're just ahead of your time Alan!

CF Rich said...

What a headache, I remember looking at this phone - or something similar in June time. I phoned them up to get it and they'd stopped doing it a few days before - marvellous. In the end I plumped for the iphone though and never looked back.

AlanR said...

afootinthehills and the weekend dude:- As it happens i had to go into the Trafford Centre, don't ask me why!
I went in one shop and asked. The guy said that Orange were doing it. I said i went in Orange in Manchester but it wasn't on display.
So i went into Orange in the TC and low and behold there it was. I was jumping for joy until i was told that i couldn't buy it. Just contract for £35/month.
Well i am going to have a serious think about it because i don't want to leave Vodafone really.
Sheila is getting the iphone next month and she can't wait for April to get here. I want a phone where i can take spare batteries with me and has Symbian operating system, so unfortunately the iphone won't do for me. Pity because i am Apple mad.

afootinthehills said...

Does 'blogger' support Vodafone? I'm a long way from making up my mind on which phone to get, but I'm not on a contract with my present Nokia so am not under presssure to decide.

AlanR said...

I have just looked at blogger help and its only O2 and orange from mobiles. It seems a bit weird that.

But as long as you can get on the internet and have a mobile blogger url you should be able to post, what ever provider you are with. (I think)

Unknown said...

Judging by my short experience of the Samsung Omnia (my sister has one) I think they did you a favour. It was the most confused and confusing device I have ever tried to use (no, I didn't succeed in 'fixing' it for her). She's desperately trying to return it.


AlanR said...

Michael, Sorry for delay in reply. Thanks for your post. I have now completely changed my strategy on the issue of phones, GPS and all things mobile.
I won't be getting the Omnia.
Sorry tohear of your sister's probs, it must be very frustrating as they are not cheap are they.

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