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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Free OS maps

It looks like my info on Not free OS mapping could be wrong. I have just read the article released by Grough Routes and you can read it HERE
Thanks to ebygomm's comment on my previous post, i started looking round the net to see what the latest was.


CF Rich said...

I hadn't come across this. This is how it reads to me though - that the leisure side of things will be provided free. My uncle draws plans and I've been to pick detailed maps up for him before, I can't remember how much they are specifically but I do recall them being a small fortune for not a great deal.

The only problem I foresee with this though is that it may not be comercially viable for OS to map the more remote areas as they are not getting any revenue for these maps (and these are the ones we need).

Dunno - just a thought.

Great info though thanks, I'd not heard this before. If they do become available does anyone know where we can get them? I suppose that info probably hasn't been released yet.

AlanR said...

You could be right re remote areas. We will have to wait and see.

Changes in the more remote places occur infrequently and maybe we will have to be more proactive and help out.

I am only guessing here but i still don't think paper maps will be free. I think it will be downloads from the OS and similar websites.

If paper and laminated maps are free they will not be able to cope with demand.
I will have one each of every map please and an update every year, Thanks very much.

How would they cope with this?
Will some maps end up being hard to get or unavailable?
Will it generate a black market?

It's a bucket of worms.

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