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Monday, March 15, 2010

Gosforth Weekend

This weekend was our trip up to Sheila's mums, as we do every 2/3 weeks. It was also the inaugural trip for the new car.
After the highlights of a shopping trip to Whitehaven we went for a coffee to St Bees. We watched one chap, with fully laden rucksack, saying his farewells to what i presume were his parents as he sets off on his Coast to Coast adventure.
It brought back memories of the trip we did.

He did the usual wetting of the boots in the sea, and then with hugs all round he was off up the track to St Bees head. Hope it goes well for him.

The day was beautiful, with very clear visibility. I must say i have never seen the Isle of Man or the hills of Dumfries quite so sharp.

We decided to have a drive up to Wasdale head and take some photographs.
This is the new motor with Wast water and Great Gable behind.

Sheila and Mum at Wasdale Head Hotel.

Some more pics can be viewed HERE if any one is interested.


afootinthehills said...

Lovely slideshow Allan and quite helpful as we struggle to decide whether to have a week in the Lakes with friends, or make the shorter journey to a very snowy Lochaber before Easter is upon us.

AlanR said...

Tough choice and obviously it depends on how much snow you want. Glad the pics help you decide.
Apart from the high tops their is little snow about now. It's still very cold and wintery above 2500ft.
Plenty of people about.

afootinthehills said...

As it happens the site we were planning to go to in the Lakes is fully booked and the weather forecast going to deteriorate(apparently). So,we'll probably stay home, go out on the local hills where there is still plenty of snow and grab the odd day further north if a decent day presents itself. Spoilt for choice really!

Thanks for the info.

AlanR said...

If ever you need a camp site in the Lakes. Turner Hall Farm is in the Duddon Valley and close to a pub that does food. You don't need to book and it doesn't matter how full it gets, Anthony will always find room for you.
Anthony and Hillary are good friends of ours so if you mention my name it will get you nothing extra, after all, he is a working farmer and you know what farmers are like.

afootinthehills said...

Thanks very much for that Alan.

CF Rich said...

Still loads of snow around by the looks of things, we're supposed to be re-attempting Skiddaw on Saturday but the forecast is looking pretty foul again (fingers crossed those men at the Met Office are as wrong as they were in the lead up to the last attempt) time will tell.

AlanR said...

The weekend Dude, Sorry for delay in reply. Been away at a funeral.
Forecast isn't great, but snow on high fells shouldn't be too much of a problem. With the right gear of course.
We are in Wales doing the Rhinogs.

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