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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sleeping bag

Anybody looking for a new sleeping bag in the not too distant future may want to take a look HERE. and compare it against other manufacturers.
Katabatic is not a company known much here in the UK, but this bag weight is 670grams and is rated at minus 9. Cost $355. I'll not covert it to pounds due to the fluctuations.
It seems pretty good to me.


Greg said...

That looks good Alan. My RAB quantum 400 is supposed to be rated at -5, but i have not been over warm in it lately. I also have a very lightweight cumulus bag rated at zero. I think they are optimistic or as I get older I cant stand the cold as well. I believe Western mountaineering do some good bags.

AlanR said...

Hi Greg, We have the Rab summit 400 also, rated at -5 and i too have been cold ish when the temp gets to 0. And definitely cold at -5.
I don't wear clothes when in the bag and i know that you have to fully close the hood up around you when the temperature drops to the bags limit. It's ideal for 3+ seasons but pushed for 4. The weight is good too at around 750gr. I can wear my minimus if i feel the need to.
The Katabatic system type is becoming more and more common. I feel a need to try it out. --Alan

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