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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday 21.5.10

set off langdale this morning, still very cloudy and overcast but looked promising. followed the track past blea tarn to fell foot. across the bridge just after fell foot farm and picked up the track for tilberthwaite. went up tilberthwaite ghyll after a ten minute stop. weather has really picked up and the tops are now becoming really clear. very hot now 25 degrees as we approach copper mines valley. walked through coniston to campsite arrived at campsite at 2pm. very hot 28 degrees. just going for a dip.


CF Rich said...

Fantastic, I saw the weather forecast last night and the whole country was bathed in orange. This is a perfect time to be away! Forecast is great for the weekend too.

AlanR said...

Thanks for your comments. We have just arrived back home. It has been a great trip. Sheila has been posting the blog for the last few days, hence spelling mistakes. She has been trying out her new phone to blog. But due to the lack of signal she didn't have chance to carry out the spell check or do a preview. So apologies for the errors.
Anyway it's worked. She needs to add photo's now.

CF Rich said...

Good stuff you're weather continued to be superb - you're photos should be great! Look forward to seeing them when you get them up.

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