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Monday, May 10, 2010

TGO challenge

I thought it would save quite a bit of time and typing if i put a message on my blog rather than everybody else's individually.
So for all those lucky people  taking part in this years TGO Challenge i would like to take this opportunity to wish you all good luck, a safe and extremely pleasant trip. 

I hope that all the super new gear that you have been buying up, and denting those credit cards, works well and i look forward to reading your reports on what worked and what didn't. And the walking/drinking  reports of course.

Sheila and i will be off to the Lakes for a weeks backpacking. Not the same really is it but there we go.

Their will also be a first for us on this trip as we will be using a gas stove! Aghast! Not used gas since i was in the scouts 40 something years ago.
I have purchased an Optimus Crux, so we will see if i like it better than my little meths burner.

Sheila has had to buy a new pair of Integral Designs shortie gaiters, as she has lost one of her original pair. They are so light and small that you can easily lose them without realising. Not cheap either.

So for now. Bon Voyage everybody.


Alan Sloman said...

Cheers Al.

I am just about 'maxed-out' on the cards now, so I shall have to stop buying things...

I just need to sort out my food parcels now and get them sent off.

Mike Knipe said...

Thanks for the thought. We'd better make a good job out of it after all this fuss....

CF Rich said...

Couldn't agree more Alan, I've got my fingers and toes crossed for them for great weather and smooth crossings. My planned weekend in the Lake District at the end of the month doesn't come close to the TGO adventure. Would be mad keen to have a shot at this but with only so many hols it's always a tough one - maybe next year.

Good luck one and all.

AlanR said...

You must have bought one of everything for this trip. All the best and have a beer for me in Braemar.

Glad the boots have proven to be a good buy. I'm sure you will make a good job of it.

You have to make the Challenge your number 1 priority. Thats the only way you will do it if hols are restrictive.
Make all your walks, training walks, for the main event and get the forms sent off ASAP.

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