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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meths stove

Above is a short video i have done of my new homemade meths stove. It's the first video i have made and put on the blog. It's a trial run really, so it's not too good and there is no commentary.

I am very pleased with the stove in operation, although not tried yet outdoors the results are certainly where i want them to be. It boiled 430ml of water in just under 4 minutes.

I will post more on it shortly.


Martin Rye said...

I made a cat can stove today Alan. Cost 89p. Time to make 2 minutes and it boiled 750ml of water on my MSR Titan stove superbly. I did not time it as I don't care about time with Meths stoves. Just the amount of meths used. The stove is 5g by the way. Stupid light and a bit of fun. I will use meths again for backpacking. Been a while. I don't know what it is with stoves and the need to have more of them? Have fun trying out more stoves.

AlanR said...

I just like making things, not only stoves but to me it's an important piece of kit and i enjoy trying to get the fuel quantity and speed balance as efficient as i can.
I too have made a cat can stove in the past but i don't think i have ever made any stove that weighed 5gr. Except for an Esbit burner.
Even my gram weenie weighs 19gr.
Are you going to post a photo so that i can have a look at it?

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