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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Bank holiday weekend.

It's taken me some time to resolve a computer problem, so it's only now that i have been able to upload any photo's from last weekend.
We went to Sheila's mums in Cumbria as usual and as it turned out it was Bank Holiday. Nothing is more annoying than sat in a car sweltering on Bank Holidays. We decided to go on Thursday night and come back on Tuesday and hopefully miss the most of the traffic.
We usually go over Birker fell to Eskdale and then onto Gosforth but the bridge on Birker was under repair and so we went over Corney fell.
Just as we summited, the most fantastic sunset came into view.

We stopped the car and watched the sun go down. Some more photo's can be viewed here.

Friday morning we decided to take Dorothy (Sheila's mum) for a walk as it was such a fine day. I had to pick a relatively flat route so that the moaning about hills was kept to a minimum.
We drove to Brotherilkeld and parked at the bottom of Hardknot pass and walked up to Lingcove bridge for a picnic.
The views to Bowfell and the upper Esk were tremendous and it gave me a chance to try out different settings on the new camera.
More photo's are here of the walk.
We expected this route to be quite busy but we only saw about 10 people all day. Quite a surprise.
On arrival at Lingcove bridge we stopped for lunch and it gave me a chance to try out the new water filter. It worked fine and it's so much easier to use than the Travel Tap.
Lingcove bridge is where the routes split. If you want Bowfell or hardknot you carry straight on with the beck on your left, without crossing the bridge. For Scafell and the upper Esk you go over the bridge and follow the path leading to the Great Moss.
Unfortunately this point was our terminus and we had to head back. The weather was good and it had been a very pleasant day.

Saturday was shopping day and we headed for Whitehaven which is Dorothy's nearest town. I quite like the place with it's good waterfront, nice cafe's and friendly folk.

We had booked a table at the Scree's Inn at Nether Wasdale for evening meal and we all agreed that the standards had improvement with the new landlord and landlady.
Post dinner we set off for Wastwater and a gentle stroll along the shore. If we hurried up we could catch the sun just before it set.
Upon our arrival the colours on the lake and on the screes were a joy to behold. The views up the lake never cease to amaze me, however many times i look at it.
I was so pleased that i had remembered to bring the camera along. I would have been annoyed with myself if i had missed taking these pictures.
After driving back to Gosforth we walked over to the Gosforth Hall Inn for a beer and a chat. We found out that tomorrow a band called Stouchie and a blues guitarist called Christian Sharp were going to be playing from 5 onwards. Sounds like a good time so we called our friends in Seathwaite and they decided to come over for the music and a meal.

Sunday again was glorious, so we set off for Ravenglass and a walk along the coastal path.
There was also an antiques fair on in Ravenglass so in we went and came out about £40 lighter.
 Back at Dorothy's Sheila and i went for a run. Nothing spectacular, apart from the scenery. Only about 6 miles. Dorothy decided to sit this one out.
Then off to listen to the music at Gosforth Hall. Tina and Alan from Seathwaite arrived within a few minutes of us and we had a really good night. The music was great and the food as good as ever. I didn't take the camera this time so no pic's of the band. Sorry.

Monday we decided to go to the country fair which was being held at Bootle. It was such a hot day. The good weather just makes events of this kind and also ensures that you can get your car out of the field at the end of it.

From here we thought with it being so nice that we would go to the sea shore for a stroll at Eskmeals. From this site, the military use it for gunnery practice and on occasions you cannot go past. We were ok on this occasion and we had a pleasant hour beachcombing.

Pictures of the fair and Eskmeals are here

We were thinking how lucky those people were that managed to get into the high mountains this weekend. There had been an odd shower overnight but the hill tops looked stunning all weekend.
If only.............

Anyway it's back home now and a new stove to make! More later.


  1. Thanks for letting me know about the bridge on Birker Fell as I was going to use that route next Tuesday!

    I will also be testing the Super Delios

  2. Robin, The bridge is now open again.

  3. Fantastic photos taken with that camera.

  4. Martin,
    Thanks for your comment. I am pleased with the camera. I have now got to grips with the software, i think. Anybody looking for a lightish digital SLR should consider it.
    I am in particular pleased with the Wastwater images although i take no credit for the light or colour.
    And the Ravenglass shots were taken into a full sun so i am pleased with the results there also.

  5. I agree, lovely pictures, especially those in the lovely lighting at Wastwater.
    Well done.

  6. Thanks Martin, comments appreciated.


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