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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hot footing it in camp.

This weekend's weather has been forecast to plummet in temperature with some snow fall, maybe -5 deg C or further down depending on location and height.
We are off to the Lakes again tomorrow to test out the Scarp 2. We have also been asked by a farmer friend if we would help him out on his hill farm on Saturday. I will be our pleasure. We gain so much from the Lakes and the local people, that it's nice to be able to give something back.
With the short days it also means that you spend more time in the tent. (or in the pub if there's one near).
It's not that easy to keep warm unless you spend the whole time tucked up in the sleeping bag, especially the feet.
We decided therefore to buy some warm footwear which wouldn't compromise sleeping mats, groundsheets, sleeping bags and the like.
We wanted something light and had to roll up compact. We eventually went for the Blue Mountain Supersoft's.
These will keep your feet toasty and they weigh only 88gr for size 42 or 8’s.. so that's great.
We will see how they perform and i will report back along with the Scarp 2 impressions.


  1. Those slippers look comfy - could be used for padding around the house as well!

  2. Hi maria,
    Sorry for delay in comment. No internet where we have been.
    These slippers are excellent. More to come in my next post.


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