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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ice Grips.

I came across these ice grips today and due to the reasonable price of £12.99 i decided to get a pair.
They come in 3 sizes. Medium 36 - 41. Large 40 - 45. XLarge 43 upward.
Spare spikes come in a complete pack of 7 for £2.99. I have no idea why the heel spikes are green and the foot are red. They both look exactly the same.

They are made by a Swedish company called SpringyArd, so i suppose they should know a thing or two about ice and snow.

They are graded as tough and intended for running or hiking. The rubber is supple yet very strong and there is very little Give when they are fitted  to a shoe or boot.
Obviously they have there limitations but at the weight of 165 gr per pair they are ideal to carry in the rucksack for those just in case times.
They also roll up into a nice compact size as you can see below.

They are very similar in all respects to the  Petzl Spiky plus but are a little cheaper. I will be taking these along with me this winter that’s for sure.


  1. Those will come in handy no doubt, think of the times you end up skating in the carpark trying to get on the hill. At 165g you'll never notice them even if they stay packed.

    As for green/red spikes maybe it's like the tags that used to be on Kickers shoes, either that or you need to walk sideways, heels to starboard :-)

  2. Hi Richard,
    Yes i think they will come in handy. I remember last year wishing i had a pair something like this.
    We started a backwards walking club when in Madeira so a sideways walking club is not too far fetched. Ha.
    I never thought about the Port Starboard connection. You may be right. Or is that left?

  3. They really look like the Spiky Plus, actually when I saw the first picture I was thinking that this just an updated version! I've been using a pair of Spiky Plus (or I think I've worn out one pair, so I'm now on my second pair?) since winter 2002/2003 and they've saved me from many bruises. I use them both off road and on the street - Helsinki can be very icy during winter.

  4. Hi Maria,
    When i saw them i thought they were Spiky Plus, thats what caught my eye.
    I imagine that you would find them very useful in Helsinki.

  5. Alan - didn't know these existed. I bought some Kahtoola microspikes last week, but they were rather more expensive.

  6. Hi Mark,
    Yes there is loads of stuff which never gets air time.It's just a matter of searching. Sometimes you come up with something different or cheaper that has not made the media.
    Just like the Super Delios filter.

    Your Kathoolas are good kit. Made for more serious stuff than the SpringyArds, hence the price hike.

  7. Where can you order them from? Thanks.

  8. Anonymous.
    you can get them from Amazon. just type in SpringyArd ice runners and there are various ones to choice.
    I got these from Claus Olsen in Manchester.
    Cheers. Enjoy the snow.


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